Blue Lily Flower Tincture

The Blue Lily was the most sacred plant of Ancient Egypt. The flowers were noted for their delightful perfume. The Blue Lotus has had a profound impact on human society and civilization.


The Blue Lily (Nymphaea Caerulea) or Blue Lotus was the most sacred plant of Ancient Egypt. It was frequently depicted in works of art, where it is most often shown in party and other social scenes, and sometimes in scenes of sexual overindulgence. The flowers are noted for their delightful perfume.  Blue Lotus has had a profound impact on human society and human civilization in many cultures around the world.

About the plant
Blue Lotus has pointed flowers and floating leaves with smooth edges, leaves broadly rounded, 25-40 cm across, with a notch at the leaf stem. The flowers are 10-15 cm diameter. The flower buds rise to the surface over a period of two to three days, and when ready, open in the morning and close in the early afternoon. The flowers and buds do not rise above the water in the morning, nor do they submerge at night. The flowers have pale bluish-white to sky-blue petals, smoothly changing to a pale yellow in the centre of the flower.  Blue Lily is a variety of the Nymphaeaceae.

Other names
Also known as Sacred Blue Lily of the Nile, Sacred Lotus, Lily and Blue Water Lily.

It’s an aphrodisiac and can help with erectile disfunction, increases dopamine levels, relaxes muscles and improves sleeping.

You can use 6 to 10 drops twice a day in a bit of water. Spread de usage over 24 hours taking a dosage every 12 hours if possible.

Do not use together with alcohol and or drugs. Blue Lily is not suited for frequent use. Keep out of reach of children.


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